Dirk's fried chicken originated in Texas in the southern United States.

It appeared in Chengdu, China in 1994.

It is a member of China Chain Store & Franchise Association, a franchise record-keeping enterprise, and one of the top 100 chain stores in China in 2000.

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Paved the way for successful entrepreneurs who are committed to Western fast food.

Use of the world's leading franchise service platform

Become the most popular western fast food brand in mainland China.

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Brand Story Dix is one of the western fast food brands that understands the preferences of Chinese consumers. Crispy fried chicken has sold more than 100 million copies a year and has been selling well for more than 20 years. Dirks always adheres to the needs of consumers and is committed to product upgrades. It selects two pieces of meat on a chicken—pipa legs and leg bones, which are truly golden, crisp, fresh and juicy. As one of the first Western-style fast foods to launch rice, Dikes continued to upgrade various types of rice products. Adhering to the concept of Shushi culture, creating a comfortable, relaxed and happy dining experience for consumers, it currently has more than 2,500 stores across the country. In 2016, Dicos successively launched lemon series products, which were continuously welcomed by consumers, and became another star product of Ditex after crispy fried chicken. In 2017, Dix's first future store was an unmanned smart restaurant that could be landing, copied and promoted. Dirks conducts Family Day activities in the industry, receiving more than 200,000 families a year, accumulating more than one million families.

Company Profile

Company Profile

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Dirks takes "customer satisfaction" as the highest criterion, continuously innovates, pursues excellence, continues to develop steadily and continuously improves the entire chain system, and strives to create the best franchise system in China, becoming the most popular western fast food brand in mainland China.
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Dexter Fast Foods Creates Characteristic Dexter Dedicated to the business philosophy of honesty, pragmatism, innovation and service, with our sincerity to people and enthusiasm for gourmet food, Dexter has created a new, delicious, fast and fast dining experience for customers.

Dirks Analysis

Dixburg headquarters teaches a full set of core operating technologies to franchisees to ensure that they have the lowest cost, the highest profit and the best product quality.

Dirk's official announcement today

Exclusive news from the earth, just today, friends who love food and sports, let me see your hands!

Love Relay Station

Dirk and Master Kong beef noodles join the love relay station to send sanitary workers a warm winter

Dix Family Day

Dexter Family Days are held regularly throughout the country every year and have become an iconic event for parents and children to share a warm time

Crispy Fried Chicken

The hero products that are popular with Chinese consumers are crispy fried chicken and crispy pistol legs, which are called "double crispy".

Market analysis

Dirk Fast Food Creates Characteristic Dexter Operating philosophy based on integrity, pragmatism, innovation and service

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Recommended meals

The Dix menu includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, fried chicken, snacks, desserts, riceburgers, rolls, burgers and beverages. Crispy fried chicken and pistol chicken legs are the favorite gourmet menus for everyone.
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